The Developer is dedicated to you. He will be reporting to you on daily basis and executing the tasks list provided by you. All bills will be provided beforehand the hiring period.

1.Are you available when there is a work needs to be done on Urgent basis?

Yes, we are always ready to offer our bespoke solutions to best all needs and urgent requirements.

2. Will you provide me with an alternative solution if I am not satisfied with the assigned developer?

You don’t need to worry in this case. We will immediately replace the designated Web developer with another professional as per your preference.

3. Do you send status report about the Work Progress on regular basis?

Yes our developers and project managers will keep you updated and send the project progress report at the end of each working day.

4. What Project Management Tool You Use?

We use bugzilla along with Request Tracker for easy tracking of tasks. Clients can make use of our system and have good track of the project deliverables.

5. Will I get the Property Rights for my projects?

We will transfer you the ownership rights of source code, intellectual property, copyright etc. once the project is completed and delivered to you.

6. How can I communicate with my assigned Web developers?

You can communicate with the designated programmers through phone, e- mail, Skype and other instant messengers as per your convenience.

7. How can I make the payments?

We accept payments through Credit Card, Wire Transfer and PayPal. You can get detailed information about the billing mode by contacting US over call/mail.

8. Do you charge any additional cost?

We maintain absolute transparency in our business. There is no additional or hidden cost involved except the proposed price.

9. Do you provide any after-sales support once the project is over?

Our Web developers and designers are always available to offer you after-sales support. We initially carry out minor modifications in the completed projects Free of Charge. However, we charge a nominal amount for major modifications.